• Eric Le Lann Concert

    Classical music magazine supporting musicians all over the World     Eric Le Lann, on the occasion of his last release (Thanks a million), gave a dazzling concert. Eric Le Lann (trumpet), Paul Lay (piano), prom Blomet, November 7, 2018 What a sound! I’m still recovering. A few meters from Eric Le Lann, I get […]

  • Classical music: the Aspen Music Festival puts the emphasis on the French heritage

    They are more than 600 young musicians gathered in the ski resort’s posh Aspen, Colorado, to learn from recognized professionals but also to play at one of the 400 shows produced during the eight weeks of training, at the end of June to end of August. And this year, the Aspen Music Festival and School […]

  • The Classic Guitar Player

    Thanks for visiting the world of classical guitar history. On this internet site, you will discover high-quality popular music compositions for timeless guitar. The Timeless Guitar Area finds to make well-rounded musicians with a comprehensive expertise in the classical guitar literature, solid exercise in music theory and also musicianship, along with solo and ensemble experience. […]

  • The Pianist

    Classic piano popular music is properly and active on the Internet That merely takes a couple of moments to the studio and locate a ton of complimentary classical piano popular music whether in the form of the piano songbook of mp3s. Our primary purpose: To deliver just the finest classic piano music to the web […]

  • The History of Music

    The significant time divisions from symphonic music around 1900 are the very first music duration that includes Medieval (500-1400) and also Revival (1400-1600) periods, as well as the Usual practice time frame, that includes the Baroque (1600-1750), Timeless (1750-1830) and Intimate (1804-1910) structures. The measurements from the band (typically around 40 in the Classic period) […]