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Thanks for visiting the world of classical guitar history. On this internet site, you will discover high-quality popular music compositions for timeless guitar. The Timeless Guitar Area finds to make well-rounded musicians with a comprehensive expertise in the classical guitar literature, solid exercise in music theory and also musicianship, along with solo and ensemble experience. My thanksgiving goes to these websites for posting this popular music openly offered as well as free of cost for redistribution. Our company would like your aid in creating the most extensive selection of classical guitar songs in the Northwest!

Listed below I have included two lists of lute as well as refined jobs which are vital to a classic guitarist arsenal. Lute popular music was high art, and also its way from having fun resembled the elegant contemporary guitar. Additionally being a pianist, in addition to an elegant guitarist myself I was actually quite enthused to hear this guitar.


Although there are hundreds of terrific classic guitar tracks, a few of them attract attention coming from the crowd … a few that spellbind target markets and also inspire standing up ovations … a handful of that holds a spot deep within the center of every classical guitarist. However, some significant songbook magazines during the 18th and 17th centuries, suggest to our company that the guitar was likewise utilized for contrapuntal music, in addition to music which integrated the typical strumming and contrapuntal aspects.

17th century

1640 Giovanni Paolo Foscarini (fl. c.1621–c.1649) Li cinque libri della chitarra alla spagnola

1643 Francesco Corbetta (c.1615–1681) Varii capricii per la ghittara spagnuola

1646 Carlo Calvi (fl. 17th century) Intavolatura di chitarra, e chitarriglia

1650 Domenico Pellegrini (fl. 17th century) Soavi concenti di sonate musicali per la chitarra spagnuola

1659 Giovanni Battista Granata (c.1620–1687) Soavi concenti di sonate musicali per la chitarra spagnuola

1674 Gaspar Sanz (1640–1710) Instrucción de música sobre la guitarra española

1682 Robert de Visée (c.1650–1725) Livre di guittarre dédié au roy

1692 Ludovico Roncalli (1660?–1720?) Capricci armonici sopra la chitarra spagnola

1694 Francesc Guerau (1649–1722) Poema Harmónico

18th century

1716 François Campion (1680–1748) Nouvelles découvertes sur la guitare

c.1730 Santiago de Murcia (1682–1735?) Codice Saldivar no. 4


The second is a list of pieces which every classical guitarist need to understand and listen to. These jobs are much tougher and also call for a very advanced ability level on the tool.


1972 Jean Absil (1893–1974) Douze pièces, Op. 159

1972 Denis ApIvor (1916–2004) Saeta, op. 53

1972 Luciano Chailly (1920–2002) Invenzione us Quattro note

1972 Peter Maxwell Davies (1934–2016) Lullaby for Illian Rainbow

1972 André Jolivet (1905–1974) Tombeau de Robert de Visée

1972 Giles Swayne (born 1946) Canto

1972 Arthur Wills (born 1929) Sonata


1973 Xavier Benguerel (born 1931) Versus

1973 Leo Brouwer (born 1939) Parabola

1973 Leo Brouwer (born 1939) Per suonare a duo

1973 Philippe Drogoz (born 1937) Prélude à la Mise à Mort

1973 Angelo Gilardino (born 1941) Tenebrae factae sunt

1973 Edward McGuire (born 1948) Music for Guitar(s)

1973 Per Nørgård (born 1932) Libra

1973 Poul Ruders (born 1949) Jargon

1973 Reginald Smith Brindle (1917–2003) Memento in Two Movements


1974 William Bolcom (born 1938) Seasons

1974 Robert Beaser (born 1954) Canti Notturni

1974-6 Axel Borup-Jørgensen (born 1924) Praeambula, op. 72

1974 Leo Brouwer (born 1939) Tarantos

1974 Carlos Chávez (1899–1978) Feuille d’album

1974 Jindřich Feld (1925–2007) Barbaric Dance

1974 Jindřich Feld (1925–2007) Sonata

1974 Jorge Labrouve (born 1948) Nueva, op. 8

1974 Jorge Labrouve (born 1948) Enigma, op. 9

1974 Humphrey Searle (1915–1982) Five, op. 61

1974 Reginald Smith Brindle (1917–2003) Do Not Go, Gentle…

1974 Reginald Smith Brindle (1917–2003) November Memories

1974 Richard Stoker (born 1938) Sonatina, op. 42

1974 Toru Takemitsu (1930–1996) Folios

I have been taking elegant guitar courses at Pdx Classic Guitar for numerous years. Although I am away off composing my job, I still aim to boost my functionality along with my models of these masterpieces.